By Sha’  (a fun post from my personal blog)


      I’m a Libra. If you tell me you are a Libra, there are certain traits I’ll look for you to have: a strong sense of balance about life, a forest outlook rather than a tree view (see the big picture), enjoy being social (even if it’s just with YOUR friends instead of general groups), be creative in some way (ability to draw, deep understanding of music, etc…), have a great sense of humor, be a peacemaker and a few other things.


I can tell you that we have an internal barometer that takes in information that is used by our “scale”.


     If we are off balance, all hell can break loose. We will miss you but if you are causing that scale to tip in the wrong direction too many times….BYE! We love our happiness but more so, we treasure it. If we are unhappy, we can’t function. It flows into everything we do and by any means necessary we HAVE to get back to happy. We often make rash decisions and mistakes when desperately trying to get back to happy. BUT when we are happy, all is right with the world and we spread joy where ever we go.

     I love a Libra. Four very important people in my life are Libras: my Nanna, my oldest son, my soul mate of a friend Shelia and my brother Shunii (Libra²).  I am also connected to a few other Libras in the goings on of my life. Shout out to LaVonda, Isaac, Myesha, Wendy, my niece Nyla and my nephew Ryan. A few celebrities that are Libras: Former President Jimmy Carter, Lil Wayne, Mahatma Gandhi, Will Smith and Gwen Stefani. Quick shout out to local celeb & Dee’s boo…Eskimo Joe. Scale Lyfe!!!!


      I do believe that most people’s personality and way of doing things is described in the basic description of their zodiac sign. I do NOT believe every Libra has every Libra trait. I do NOT believe in horoscopes. Horoscopes are the telling of your future based on your zodiac sign. Your zodiac sign is based on your birthdate and simply have specific traits that each person under your sign is likely to have a combination of that makes them uniquely alike. Big, no HUGE difference.  I mean they even have horoscopes for dogs. Really? That’s what’s hot in the streets?


       No one should live their life totally by the zodiac nor horoscopes. You do not have to follow it, it is not a leader. You don’t have to believe in it, it is not a religion. As with anything else, the average person under a certain zodiac sign is most likely to have certain characteristics. It’s no different than other classifications. There is always some exceptions to the normal. Also true of any classification, there is a range. From extreme to moderate to not really… there is an array of ways the traits within a zodiac sign’s notable traits can be displayed. Because men and women are different, you have to expect that a male Libra will display a different spin to the same trait than a female Libra. Always take that into consideration. But when looking at the traits, don’t just look at the positive traits. There are common negative traits associated with a zodiac sign too. As with the good traits, EVERY negative trait won’t fit EVERY person under a zodiac sign. I’m sure my close friends are looking at some the traits listed under Libra with an eye brow raised because some don’t pertain to me at all.


      Now with those disclaimers please know it doesn’t affect me if you think it’s bullshit, voodoo, etc… Read on if you wish or stop right here.  IDGAF What I will say is being educated on the traits of the zodiac signs is helpful with interpersonal relations.

        I’m not “up on” all the zodiac sign traits. I have people in my life like Keisha Bennett and Coleridge Tillman (aka Sebsatian Kole) that could probably run down each sign to you without missing a beat. I can only tell you about the signs I have the most experience with (mostly meaning a family member, an ex-lover or one of the few people that are adverse to me).  I happen to know about Cancers because I am greatly attracted to Cancer men. I happen to know a huge amount about the sign of Aquarius because my mother and my sister Pasocca are under that sign, so is my greatest love. I can give you a little insight on a Sagittarius because two of my sons are under that sign. I am very close to a few Aries, Scorpios and Capricorns, therefore I can give you a little on them as well.  But anytime I’m having a problem with someone or I wish to know more about them, I look up their zodiac sign. What I don’t do is hold them to EVERY trait listed under their sign. I simply look for traits that could be the reason for their behavior. All people aren’t open about themselves. Some people don’t even know why they do the things they do. BUT if you care enough to figure them out, why not consider the inside information that zodiac traits can give you? If you can’t figure out why Bob has suddenly pulled back from you and isn’t around as much, why not look up Aquarius and find out that he probably needs his space but he’ll be back so don’t stalk or bug him. If Kim was a cool down to earth girl when you met her but now she seems to be acting erratic and you can’t figure out what you did to make her act like that, then why not look up Cancer and find out that she’s naturally moody and it probably has nothing to do with you but the bad mood will pass….but come back again and again. To know things like that simply make dealing with the other person less stressful. It goes to understanding them a little better. It should also open the door to conversation. Ask Kim if people in her life thinks she’s moody. If she’s aware of that fact then she’ll probably hang her head and tell you that people tell her that all the time. Ask Bob if you’ve done anything to him to make him not want to hang around you as much lately. He’ll probably tell you it has nothing to do with you and that things between you two are great then plan you’re next interaction.


      Dealing with other people can be hard sometimes. Why not use all the information you can as a resource? Maybe you’ll understand your child better, “get” that anal co-worker more, know how to improve your dealings with that difficult boss,


 see where your friend is coming from, etc…  If you can go by what a friend says about someone, then why can’t the zodiac be your friend? I betcha my friend zodiac is correct more often than that gossip of a friend you have!!