Ask Sha’ re Define Love

Question: How do I know when it’s love?

Answer: Ahhhhh. A question a lot of people want the answer to and that has a lot of answers in response. In short, I believe love can be differentiated from strong like and lust by the need to be with someone despite their flaws, mistakes, their past, etc… but more importantly despite how much they’ve hurt you. Mix in the need to sacrifce to make or keep that person whole and you have some pretty good indicators of love. It isn’t he good times that determines love, it’s during and the aftermath of the not so good times.

Of course, love is cultivated when these things are returned

Ask Sha’ re: sex drive

Question:   Im only 29 and no where near as horny as I used to be 😦  …impossible for me to get 3 in now. What’s up with that?

Answer:      I am not a medical doctor. However barring any medical reasons, I’d just say that sort of thing comes with age for most men. Now is the time to start putting more energy into your foreplay.  Make it your goal to make her cum once from your foreplay alone and then once from the actual penetration, that way if or when you make it to two nuts for you…. it is just icing on the cake for her.

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