Ask Sha’ re Joint Accounts

Question: Should I and my fiancé combine our bank accounts and only have accounts in both of our name?

Answer: The answer may be deeper than you think. Some people (mostly women) think that once you are married that you share and combine everything. Some even get upset, even to the point of feeling betrayed if you have a Netflix account that they can’t access. There are those people (mostly men) who feel that just because you’re married that you do not have to give up individual aspects of your life. These people see no reason to share everything as long as they are sharing their life. Problem with that thought is the aforementioned type of person may feel having individual anything is NOT sharing your life. I think the best answer is you need to discuss this in more detail with your fiancé. See where she stands and if you don’t agree then discuss your reasons. If no one can be swayed to the other side, then come up with a compromise. It seems as simple as a bank account but it can leave you saying…..”everything was great just yesterday, what happened?” SUCH IS LIFE.

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