Back To Blogging but Supersized!

I’ve missed you!! And if you’ve missed me, no worries I’M BACK!! I’ve decided to turn things up a notch. I’ll still give you the real deal, straight – no chaser, truth about relationships. But now you can absorb it in two formats.

I’ve joined a friend to create The Talk with DK and Sha’ and it’s not your momma’s relationship show!! But if you enjoy this blog, you’ll enjoy the show. I’ll even bring some of the blog posts to life on the show.

How do you tune in? On Blab follow @Sha_iWrite and @DKWalker1. The show is every Thursday night at 8 pm EST. Tune in but I’ll be recapping the show here on the blog as well. So be sure to leave your comments under the recorded broadcast and recap. As always, I look forward to reading your opinions!

DK & Sha' small doc


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