Ask Sha’ re Feminist Propaganda bullsh!t

I didn’t get a question. It was a comment. I will cut and paste it, as not to misquote:

men commit to relationships wwwaaay more serious than women…youre just spewing the normal feminist propaganda bullshit..

First, I’d like to ask, who threw-up in your Cheerios sweetie?  Second, I can only assume you were referring to the recent post 5 Men Single Women Should #AtThesameDayumTime and the line that went “Women tend to get upset because they often feel it’s hard to get a man to commit.” Clearly you didn’t catch that I said women FEEL it’s hard to get a man to commit. Despite your mistaken comprehension of my post, let’s talk more anyway. You were kind enough to add a YouTube video to your correspondence. I have embedded the video below  to oblige your need for cross marketing for it from that audience to mine. 😉 I don’t know if you are the video author of this clip or simply a fanatic of it because you didn’t disclose. I’ll simply call you Mr. IP Address:  The video starts by defining a woman attempting to persuade a man of her desires as “gyno-speak”. I assume the reference was a play on words as related to gynecology. I’m sure you thought that was as cute as I thought calling a dick the name Richard was cute in my post. To each his own on that point.  The video goes on to label a commitment as a man giving up his freedom and a woman using “shaming” language to accomplish this goal. It then continues on a tyriad about men not being commitment-phobes but being labeled as such by women who want to induce “domestic slavery”.  I apologize to you for stopping at the 3:53  point of the 12:09 video but I’d heard quite enough to back my initial opinion that you clearly misunderstood my post you lovingly labeled as “feminist propaganda bullshit”. However, I did surmise a few more points for you even having only heard about 1/3 of your recommended media delivered in a condescendingly robotic voice.

  • I never said men were commitment-phobes. I said they are selective and don’t easily settle for less than what they want. I then advised women to follow suit.
  • Every woman doesn’t want a commitment.
  • The video is a negative person speaking from a negative point of view probably not realizing that is the very state that lends itself to a self fulfilling prophecy of attracting negativity. I believe the saying goes, “if you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right”. I’ll translate it to apply here: if you expect that every woman that wants to be exclusive with you is inducting you into domestic slavery with vagina speak, then that is what you will attract.

I want to thank you so much for sharing. YOUR thought process is the exact thought process of a man that looks for woman to audition to earn your focus; regardless of your qualifications (or lack thereof ) for that focus. Thus proving the need for the original point of my advice………..ladies, qualify men (and friends, family, etc…) for your precious time and hearts.

Ask Sha’ re Joint Accounts

Question: Should I and my fiancé combine our bank accounts and only have accounts in both of our name?

Answer: The answer may be deeper than you think. Some people (mostly women) think that once you are married that you share and combine everything. Some even get upset, even to the point of feeling betrayed if you have a Netflix account that they can’t access. There are those people (mostly men) who feel that just because you’re married that you do not have to give up individual aspects of your life. These people see no reason to share everything as long as they are sharing their life. Problem with that thought is the aforementioned type of person may feel having individual anything is NOT sharing your life. I think the best answer is you need to discuss this in more detail with your fiancé. See where she stands and if you don’t agree then discuss your reasons. If no one can be swayed to the other side, then come up with a compromise. It seems as simple as a bank account but it can leave you saying…..”everything was great just yesterday, what happened?” SUCH IS LIFE.

Ask Sha’ re Nice Guys

Question: I’m tired of trying and starting not to care. Do nice guys really always finish last?

Answer:  Maybe as a “nice guy” you are giving more than is being invested in you in return. You simply have to qualify the people in your life for what you have to give of yourself.  Those special things about you aren’t meant to go to everyone or just any one.  Also as a “nice guy” be sure you aren’t romanticizing situations to be what you’d like them to be versus what they really are (i.e. just because you want a girlfriend doesn’t mean every girl that interacts with you is willing to be your girlfriend).

Ask Sha’ re Define Love

Question: How do I know when it’s love?

Answer: Ahhhhh. A question a lot of people want the answer to and that has a lot of answers in response. In short, I believe love can be differentiated from strong like and lust by the need to be with someone despite their flaws, mistakes, their past, etc… but more importantly despite how much they’ve hurt you. Mix in the need to sacrifce to make or keep that person whole and you have some pretty good indicators of love. It isn’t he good times that determines love, it’s during and the aftermath of the not so good times.

Of course, love is cultivated when these things are returned

Ask Sha’ re: sex drive

Question:   Im only 29 and no where near as horny as I used to be 😦  …impossible for me to get 3 in now. What’s up with that?

Answer:      I am not a medical doctor. However barring any medical reasons, I’d just say that sort of thing comes with age for most men. Now is the time to start putting more energy into your foreplay.  Make it your goal to make her cum once from your foreplay alone and then once from the actual penetration, that way if or when you make it to two nuts for you…. it is just icing on the cake for her.

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Ask Sha’ re: Non-Custodial Father Problems

Question: I have an active part in my daughter’s life, however I’ve had incidents with the daycare center only attempting to comment her mother when there is a problem. If she is sick or has a behavior problem, why not call the mother AND the father or at least call the father if you can’t get in touch with the mother?

Answer: From what you are saying, it sounds more societal than personal. The average person in society assumes the mother as the contact for those type of things. First, I suggest you talk to the day care teacher and the day care director. Let them know you are a viable first contact. Second, I suggest you get more involve at the day care: start doing drop-ins, go eat lunch with your daughter, volunteer to read to her class, etc… When you are the highly visible one, it is hard for you NOT to be the first to come to mind when it comes to your daughter.