Releasing HER freak


     Have you tried to do or suggest some things but your woman’s refusal has you wondering where her inner freak is hiding?  There are women who are naturally curious and experimental, those traits cross over to their sexuality easily.  There are women who simply won’t venture out, no matter what their partner says or does. Still yet, there are women with that touch of freak just waiting to come out. The latter is who we’ll focus on.

     First consider a few things, women are taught from girlhood to be a lady. They are told over and over again what makes them a lady and what does not. Anything even remotely sexual is deemed unladylike and immediately stomped out of their public behavior pattern. An extreme obstacle can be created when women are reared in the church to such starch guidance, that there is a seed in them sprouting confusion over right and wrong as it pertains to sexuality.

An average obstacle, seen almost daily in discussions on social media sites, can be the freak versus hoe argument. Most women don’t mind being seen as a freak but none are too keen on being labeled a hoe. What’s the difference? For the purposes of this article: a freak is someone who is sexually free with a significant partner(s); a hoe is someone who is free sexually with a significant amount of partners with no significance. Whether the obstacle is extreme or average, many women struggle with how much of themselves is honorable to give to a man. Enter the age old question; how do you get her to go from

   to   !!!!

     The reason you haven’t seen it may be because you don’t bring it out of her. Are there trust issues between you two already? You may not see the correlation but if she can’t trust you or your behavior, she probably won’t trust you enough to show you her freaky side. Do you have a predictable sexual routine? If you go from missionary to the buck to the scissors most every sexual encounter then maybe she doesn’t think YOU have a freaky side. If you are not doing well in a twosome, you’ll probably never make it to a threesome. Women get tired of the missionary position and other mundane positions, they need variety too.

     The underlying reasons behind her prudish behavior may not be your fault, but with your help she can overcome them. The name of the game is comfort. If she is comfortable with you, then what’s hidden will come out. This may seem an elementary step but never forget to help your woman feel at ease in her skin. Don’t brag on other women (this includes celebrities) around your woman. Most women already have a tendency to compare themselves with each other. If you are giving her someone to compare herself to and she feels that she falls short… well, no freak for you. Conversely, do say things that let her know you love her body just the way it is. If she feels like you think she’s sexy, then she’s more apt to feel and act sexy. How she feels ABOUT her body directly effects how she responds WITH her body. Flattery gets you everywhere, including a place of impromptu oral. So get your head out your ass and get those sexy reinforcing words flying often.

     You’d be surprised how many women haven’t experienced an orgasm. If she’s not getting that “O”, she’s less likely to spice things up. A female orgasm can be a complex thing. A person has to be focused on the act of sex to truly enjoy it to the fullest. It can be harder for women to even get into the frame of mind because by nature, they think about a million things at once. Don’t believe me? Fine, I’ll prove it.

As a man your response may be along the lines of : she got a fat ass, ohhh she ain’t got no panties on, I’d hit that from the back, etc… You may have more than one thought, but they will be cohesive to sex.  A woman will respond something like this: I wonder if she has on white shoes too, that black purse is NOT complimenting that outfit, I hope it’s not after Labor Day, I ate too much during the holiday, I need to start back exercising, I never did make my doctor’s appointment, I have to go by Walmart, etc… She’ll always have more than one thought, but they will hardly ever stay concentrated on what you’d deem the same subject. With that said, you’ll have to help her stay focused on the prize. Once something feels great, focus is easily placed on it. A good way to achieve that is through awesome foreplay. Don’t just jump on top to “do your business”. You’re not mister and she’s not Celie. If you want more out of it, you’ll have to put more into it. Anything that stimulates the clitoris is usually a sure fire win/win. Use your tongue, a moist finger, a battery powered bullet, etc… Once those juices start flowing the sensation alone will keep her attentive to the task at hand.

Give a girl an amazing feeling to chase and she’ll follow you to places to re-live that experience. As a man, you almost have to think of sex like tithing. What you give, will come back to you tenfold!! You can opt to do nothing different but you’ll have to keep using THIS move to a dvd of Pinkie trying to use her T-rex arms and a pink wig to make your fantasies coming true…