In case you aren’t acronym savvy, STFU stands for “shut the f*&^ up”.

Why STFU? Because most often there is too much talking and not enough action in relationships.

The less you talk, the more you are actually heard by your mate when you choose to speak.
We don’t just need to stop talking a lot to our mates, we need to stop talking so much to our friends, family and OURSELVES about our relationships.
Keeping others out of your relationship is important and gives the two people within the relationship a chance to work toward what they want, instead of what others want.
And some of the stuff we tell ourselves can drive us crazier than anything our mate actually does. What are you telling yourself?
I’ve learned the hard way that a lot of talking doesn’t equal communication and it pushes you further away from your goal of a better relationship.
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt!!!
Everything about a relationship is not about shutting up, albeit a major part that people overlook. I will also post answers to your questions and anecdotal situations from my life, my personal blog, tv shows, celeb news, etc….  There are relationship lessons all around you. Even if it is an example of what NOT to do. 😉

3 comments on “Why STFU?

  1. I am visiting from A to Z Challenge. I enjoyed reading the posts for A to Z on relationships, but had to comment here because I just finished writing a letter to my son and one to my future daughter-in-law, and this is exactly what I tried to say, albeit a bit differently. Good advice. God bless, Maria from Delight Directed Living

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