Ask Sha’ re: Non-Custodial Father Problems

Question: I have an active part in my daughter’s life, however I’ve had incidents with the daycare center only attempting to comment her mother when there is a problem. If she is sick or has a behavior problem, why not call the mother AND the father or at least call the father if you can’t get in touch with the mother?

Answer: From what you are saying, it sounds more societal than personal. The average person in society assumes the mother as the contact for those type of things. First, I suggest you talk to the day care teacher and the day care director. Let them know you are a viable first contact. Second, I suggest you get more involve at the day care: start doing drop-ins, go eat lunch with your daughter, volunteer to read to her class, etc… When you are the highly visible one, it is hard for you NOT to be the first to come to mind when it comes to your daughter.